CRC – Patented Content Rendering Control

RealVu’s proprietary architecture, called Content Rendering Control*, arrives on the page before the ad is delivered, establishes the location of the ad space in relation to the viewable area of the viewer’s browser and display in milliseconds, validates the location of the ad unit, then makes ad calls. If desired, RealVu can then continue to report a viewable impression (currently measured when 50% of the ad surface area is in view for one second) and view time up to 30 seconds, in addition to many other useful metrics.

This unique ability to make ad server decisions based on whether the ad space is actually in view provides value for publishers, advertisers, and programmatic exchanges while increasing performance across all metrics, including clicks, acquisitions, and brand lift. RealVu’s technology  has been optimized for unrivaled speed and accuracy and is deployed  across top tier websites and exchanges, determining the viewablity of every impression called without latency.

RealVu provides a truly transparent holistic environment which is not conducive to bad players and impression fraud, offering unprecedented brand safety and fraud protection.

With typical server log file impression counting methodologies, a request is logged and reported as an impression prior to the ad being delivered, loaded and rendered, making many events that occur on the viewer side not detectable resulting in measurement limitations and fraud. RealVu’s virtual log counts in viewer’s browser, where the view event actually takes place, enabling true and accurate client side viewable impression measurement. See it work.

The RealVu platform overcomes the 16 reasons why and ad served impression may not appear. RealVu was the first company to be accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for the viewable impression and is certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and overcomes the 16 reasons why an ad served impression may not appear.

*Content Rendering Control United States Patent 8356247