16 Reasons Why An Ad Served Impression May Not Appear

With typical server log file impression counting methodologies, a request is logged and reported as an impression prior to the ad being delivered, loaded and rendered, making many events that occur on the viewer side not detectable resulting in measurement limitations and fraud. RealVu’s virtual log counts in viewer’s browser, where the view event actually takes place, enabling true and accurate client side viewable impression measurement. See it work.

The RealVu platform overcomes the 16 reasons why and ad served impression may not appear and is the first to be accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for the viewable impression and is certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and overcomes the 16 reasons why an ad served impression may not appear

The following reasons have been identified that an ad, after being served and reported as an
“impression” in systems based on log file analysis, might not actually appear to the viewer:

1. The viewer clicks to another web page before the ad loads and renders (abandonment);
2. The ad loads, but in an area of the web page that is not within the viewer’s browser window
dimensions and scrolling position;
3. The request was made by a spider or crawler (bot);
4. The viewer has an ad blocker installed. (Some ad blockers block the ad call, some do not. More study
should be done in this area);
5. The viewer has a browser set to block images and/or JavaScript;
6. The viewer does not have the proper plug-in to render rich media installed;
7. The viewer minimizes the browser;
8. The viewer opens another browser tab;
9. The viewer opens another browser window or another application;
10. An image or shape is placed in a layer overlapping an ad.

Reasons why an impression may not appear due to fraud :
11. The request was made by an (invisible to the viewer) web page re-direct;
12. Multiple ads are displayed in layers overlapping each other. The viewer then
sees one ad, but impressions are reported for all layered ads.
14. An ad or beacon delivered in an invisible width=“0” height=“0” Iframe.
15. The ad is placed in area beyond the actual web page dimensions.
16. Mutilated (http poisoning) packets Impression fraud.

RealVu technology provides a novel architecture and measurement methodology that overcomes a
variety of measurement limitations faced by server log file based technologies, while providing more
accurate, diverse and useful metrics.