Platform for Advertisers

When buying digital advertising, a lot of money is wasted on ads that don’t ever appear. There are 16 reasons why an ad served impression may not actually appear to a viewer, including ads being served below the fold or to non-human traffic such as bots, crawlers, etc. Typically, 20 – 80% of ads bought do not actually appear on-screen.

With viewablity becoming a standard, agencies turn to RealVu, the leader in viewable impression technology, to validate ad campaigns for brand safety, prevent fraud, and measure viewable impressions. By using RealVu verification and analytics, agencies can gauge the general health and quality of all their advertising inventory sources. With optional Content Rendering Control (CRC), agencies can insure that they are not serving impressions to ad units that are not in view.

Extensive studies deployed over the last four years show consistent gains in click rates, engagement, conversions, and brand lift for campaigns that are more viewable. RealVu is the first and most trusted solution for viewable campaign delivery and measurement.

When using the RealVu Platform for verification and analytics with Content Rendering Control (CRC), advertisers no longer worry about:

  • If viewable impressions reports are accurate. RealVu does not use modeling or projections, validating and measuring every ad delivery. RealVu has the highest bar in viewabilty and was the first to be accredited by the  MRC for the viewable impression in April of 2010.
  • If impressions are forged or fraudulent. RealVu’s fraud protection features ensure impressions are not created by spiders/bot nets, iFrames, and numerous other types of fraud.
  • If campaigns are brand safe. RealVu brings a holistic friendly environment to advertisers where every domain an ad appears on is transmitted from the actual page where the ad is rendered. If a publisher or exchange blocks visibility of the domain with an iFrame, RealVu shows the advertiser the exchange/publisher offering the blind inventory.
  • If ads are not viewable. When using the RealVu Platform with Content Rendering control, ads will not be delivered to ad units that are not in view, making ad buying more efficient and viewable, automatically.


Setup is simple:
1. Agency sends RealVu tags
2. RealVu wraps or appends the tags and sends back to agency
3. Agency sends RealVu-wrapped tags to publisher