Platform for Publishers

Viewability is becoming the new industry standard. The RealVu platform gives publishers the tools they need to satisfy clients demanding highly viewable campaigns, while managing lost impressions and increasing view yield. 

Higher Yields:  Publishers can set RealVu to only call the agency tags when a unit is scrolled into view. This means agencies, when running any verification technology on a campaign, will consistently see viewable impression rates north of 80% and up to 99%+ no matter where the publisher places the ad unit (due to user abandonment and scrolling behavior, a percentage of ads served to in view units will not resolve to IAB standard viewable impressions, which require that the ad creative is delivered and in view for one continuous second). Publishers benefit because campaigns run through RealVu produce significantly higher engagement, clicks, conversions, and ROI for their advertisers. Advertisers are then willing to pay higher CPMs and increase spend. By using the RealVu platform for viewable campaigns, publishers raise their viewable impression yield from a two view per page maximum (above the fold units) to four to six views per page (by adding below the fold placements). At the same time, data shows that below the fold units that are scrolled into view get four times the response rate of above the fold ads. Using the RealVu platform not only increases view yield , but amplifies response rates, conversions and brand lift for your clients.

Easy to use: Publishers simply drop agency tags in RealVu, then traffic RealVu tags in their ad server, even below the fold. Multiple campaigns can be rotated in the platform. 

Premium CPM or CPMv: Publishers can also use the platform to monetize remnant inventory, for their direct sales on a CPM (with viewablity gaurantee benchmarks) or CPMv, selling above and  below the fold at a premium.   Publishers can also take advantage of RealVu technology to monetize remnant ad spaces, even below the fold, programmatically by selling through the RealVu programmatic RTB “in-view” Exchange.

View Analytics: The RealVu platform can also be used for site wide analytics so publishers can understand the viewable rates/yield for each of their ad units, in addition to the devices, screen resolution,s and browser window dimensions of their viewers’ experience.


Benefits of the RealVu Platform for Publishers

  • Analyze and improve viewable impression inventory yield
  • Increase revenue by attracting bigger brands that are interested in CPMv buying and real reach frequency
  • Sell inventory for its true value, not based on the performance (Pay per click, lead or transaction) of an ad or product publishers do not control
  • Allows for the apples to apples bundling of online, Television, radio and print and direct mail campaigns. 
  • Effectively monetize below the fold inventory (with viewable impressions, below the fold inventory becomes premium)


Setup is simple:

1. Create RealVu Billboard tags and schedule them in publisher ad server or place directly on the web page
2. Import Agency/Viewable Exchange tags into RealVu and create campaigns in RealVu to rotate the tags
3. RealVu runs ads as determined by you, based on the whether the unit is in the viewable area of the browser