RVAA – RealVu Viewable Analytics Adapter

RealVu Prebid Viewable Analytics is the deterministic approach to viewability. Just in time Ad delivery to an in view ad space.

Know for sure which space is in view at time of sale

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The RealVu Analytics Adapter is the deterministic approach to viewability. As the demand for real-time screened in-view inventory continues to grow, publishers using RVAA will enable their sites to begin monetizing their in-view impressions in a variety of ways.  The RVAA makes it easy for publishers to efficiently fill their direct viewable campaigns, push in-view impressions to AdX as well as header bidder demand partners, and create additional in-view inventory.

Publishers have the option of using any combination of the provided functionalities that apply to their needs

 Direct Campaigns

Efficiently deliver direct viewable campaigns (+85% View Rates)

For publishers looking to efficiently fill their direct viewable campaigns with highly viewable ad units, RVAA provides a viewable flag down to the publisher’s ad server.  This flag indicates available ad units that are in-view at the moment of request.​ Using RVAA to fill direct viewable campaigns will yield Viewable Impression rates greater than 85%

This functionality also provides the publisher with the ability to monetize highly viewable impressions with specific set-up viewable PMPs via their AdX seat

 Programmatic Partner Monetization

Increase viewability of your sites across programmatic partners with highly viewable PMPs

For publishers struggling to meet viewable benchmarks set by programmatic partners or just looking to improve their viewable footprint in the programmatic landscape, RVAA enables publishers to segment their highly in-view impressions to desired exchanges and demand partners.  This feature is most useful for publishers looking to set-up viewable PMPs outside of AdX or want to improve their viewability rating with specific exchange partners. ​

Increased Viewable Inventory

 RVAA’s use of Content Rendering Control creates incremental in-view inventory

​One of the most appealing functionalities of the RVAA is that it can be used to initiate a viewable secondary auction at a time period set by the publisher. Example (30 seconds on page with at least 5 seconds in-view)

While using RVAA, publishers can expect to increase overall available viewable inventory by 20-40%.  This additional in-view inventory sold programmatically will result in Viewable Impressions rates greater than 80% and higher CPMs.