Introducing Prebid Viewable Analytics by RealVu

RealVu Prebid Viewable Analytics is the deterministic approach to viewability. Just in time Ad delivery to an in view ad space.

Know for sure which space is in view at time of sale
Start using RealVu Analytics Today!

RealVu is now offering a viewable analytics adapter that works with SSP header bidder solutions which is designed to enhance monetization by selling in view ad spaces for higher CPMs. Publishers can increase demand and higher performance by selling in view spaces with an easy Prebid integration. SSPs must to have an agreement in place to use RealVu data.

In view ad spaces create higher returns for both the publishers and advertisers. Unique demand is created by the screening of all ad spaces for viewability in real time. Viewability analytics are handled by RealVu with selling of inventory managed by your SSP.

Viewability reporting is available in the RealVu publisher dashboard.

The RealVu Prebid Analytics Adapter Features:
  • Viewability report granular to the placement level on each domain thru RealVu back office.
  • SSP bid adapter connectivity to RealVu Analytics adapter.
  • SSP upgraded bid enriched request with view data allowing segmentation of where in view spaces are offered for sale.
Benefits of The RealVu Prebid Analytics:
  • Viewability matters to your demand partners and publishers can make more revenue on Ad spaces that are sold in view.
  • RealVu’s analytic adapter communicates with SSP bid adapter allowing real time view data to be shared with buyers.
  • DSPs are receptive to only receiving in view ad spaces as part of their audience shaping
  • Selling below the fold ads when in view creates more viewable inventory to sell at higher CPMs.
SSPs interested in using RealVu Analytics Adapter data contact us.
Instructions for Publishers:
  1. Update your prebid.js. Either following Option 1: Customize your download here on, check “RealVu Analytics” checkbox along with checked Bid Adapters and click “Get Custom Prebid.js” button.
    Or following Option 2: Build from Source Code (More Advanced) include realvuAnalyticsAdapter into your build. If you use modules.json file for configuration, just add realvuAnalyticsAdapter line in the file.
  2. Register units in realvuAnalyticsAdapter calling prebid.js enableAnalytics() function:
    provider: 'realvuAnalytics',
    options: {
    partnerId: '5Q', // replace '5Q' with your partnerId obtained from RealVu
    regAllUnits: true,
    unitIds:['unit1', 'unit5'] // optional list of units if reqAllUnits=false


    Review source code of openxBidAdapter on RealVu Analytics Demo