vRTB – Viewable Programmatic

With RealVu’s patented Pre-Bid CRC technology, advertisers can now buy RealVu certified in view ad impressions  through Appnexus, and publishers can benefit from getting the true value for in-view ad impressions with the first viewable only programmatic exchange.

Since the lifting of the MRC advisory on viewable impressions and the inevitable move to viewability as a standard, buyers are hard pressed to find transparent and viewable inventory programmatically. RealVu has developed a solution to this problem with the first in-view impression ad exchange where publishers run RealVu’s Pre-Bid CRC technology and only call the viewable exchange when each ad unit is scrolled into view. Buyers can bid on this viewable only transparent inventory at a variety of DSPs through RealVu viewable exchange partners. This brand safe, transparent, and viewable only inventory is bought on a CPM basis and studies show dramatic lift in response, brand lift, and conversions.

Other pre-bid solutions only “target” websites that are more likely to be viewable, based on the past viewability performance of the website. These “historical” viewability targeting methods use projections and modeling to try to find impressions that are more likely to be viewable. You still don’t know if the unit is viewable until after you buy it. This method can take weeks to “ramp up” as advertisers buy non-viewable impressions and the “viewable history” of the ad unit is compiled.

With RealVu’s Pre-Bid CRC technology, every ad unit is screened in milliseconds prior to the bid, so buyers know the unit is in-view before they buy it. This method brings significantly higher view rates to advertisers and CPM value to publishers. In fact, studies measured by Integral Ad Science have shown a 90%+ viewable impression rate for RealVu exchange inventory, in contrast to a 66%+ view rate for the historic targeting method.


Benefits of the RealVu Viewable Exchange for Advertisers

  • The most efficient way to buy viewable
  • vRTB brings premium publisher view rates to programmatic
  • Get audience targeting and transparent brand safe viewability
  • Buy at CPMs that are substantially lower than market CPMv rates being offered by ad networks
  • Significantly increase conversion and brand lift performance for your ad spend
  • Eliminate wasted charges for creative, data, or clearing fees to ad spaces that are not in-view
  • No discrepancies with your agency ad server since you are still buying CPM (just highly viewable CPM)

Benefits of the RealVu Viewable Exchange for Publishers

  • Guaranteed in-view ad units average a 30% higher CPM and are speculated to move even higher with demand
  • Stabilize high view rates for view based or audited campaigns
  • Significantly increase conversion and brand lift performance for your inventory
  • Sellers maintain tight controls over their most valuable in-view inventory
  • Highly efficient method to meet growing premium in-view demand from DSPs and agency trading desks, who are increasingly demanding viewability while allocating big budgets to target audiences on real-time exchanges
  • No inventory is lost; ad spaces that are not in-view at the point of the call are passed back before being released to the exchange
  • Monetize below the fold: the optional “delayed call” feature only calls the exchange when the ad space is scrolled into view, thus making below the fold ad spaces premium inventory